Monday, December 20, 2010

Yup . . . Closed

Yes, I was right. HSBC did close the branch at Broadway and Driggs Avenue. The flashy new branch in the trendy Northside has replaced it.

I also satisfied myself that the bank has been landmarked, both interior and exterior, which does make sense.

I glanced at some of the signage guidelines that the Landmarks Preservation Commission provides and HSBC could get away with those garish signs as long as they did not permanently mar the building itself.

So, it can't be demolished and even on the inside, attention must be paid!

I just hope to hell it doesn't stand derelict. As a matter of fact, that could be an interesting few blocks there along Broadway, as there are several other landmarked buildings nearby and some nice older buildings that have no chance of being landmarked but help with the general atmosphere.

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