Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This blog will be migrating to a new host. I am in the midst of trying to set up the new pages now but it's likely to take some time before I am familiar with all the widgets and extras and other things there. Still, that much being said, there will be no more new posts here though I'll keep a link to the remains on the new blog.

I know our winters are quirky here but it is almost March after all, so I'm confident it won' t be too long before I am out and about more and posting more.

The new blog is here:

Walking Brooklyn

This is an afterthought, written several days after the above. I found out that I can't yet post videos to the new blog. It will coat me some extra cash for that privilege, cash I can't afford at the moment. So I am keeping this blog for the time being.

I rarely post videos but, as it happens, I took some shots of the snow this afternoon (2/26) that I felt like posting so that goes here. The still photos, such as they are, will post to the new blog.