Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Walk in the Park

It is hot tonight and I was hotter still earlier this evening, striding downtown, across town, and across the bridge under a blazing sun. To cool off, besides the circulating fan and the cold Corona, I am remembering my walk in Prospect Park last week. I took Friday off from work to wander around on a weekday, thinking the streets might be less crowded. I some ways they weren't and in some they were. Prospect Park was a lot calmer without the weekend crowds. Among the trees and the leafy glades down by the Audubon Boathouse and around the lake, you could feel miles and miles away from the city. But the pictures can speak for themselves. They were all taken down around the lake between the boathouse and the music garden.

Mozart, Beethoven, and the Saengerfest later; that's all just too energetic for a hot Brooklyn night.
But perhaps some birdsong before you wend your way back to Grand Army Plaza with its memories of the blue and gray . . .