Thursday, June 24, 2010

O frabjous day!

A pause on the journey up Broadway . . . and definitely one that refreshes if you are a pedestrian who walks back and forth across the Williamsburg Bridge on a regular basis.

Bedford Avenue end of Williamsburg Bridge

After years of mixing cyclists and pedestrians in the same lanes, despite having two separate decks going across the bridge, FINALLY the NYC DOT has gotten its act together and repaved both decks and officially separated riders from walkers.

Bedford Avenue end of Williamsburg Bridge

I hadn't taken the bridge in a couple of days so I didn't see the signs until this evening, and as a matter of fact they may have just gone up. The signs are large but knowing the speed that most cyclists take the bridge I'm resigned to many of them missing the point for awhile. Some of them enjoy screaming at people who are in their way while they channel Lance Armstrong on their way home; that means anyone within a hundred feet of them. It will be a pleasure to get in their way and point out the signs.

There is one equally large at the Manhattan end, supplemented by a sign explicitly pointing cyclists and walkers onto different decks, north and south.

Friday, June 25

There's no point in making a separate post for a simple update. Well, most of the cyclists seem to have gotten the point but there are still some boneheaded moronic blockheads that figure they'll do whatever the hell they want to do because they're cyclists and not answerable to anyone. Basically elitist thugs. They wave or sneer as they go by. I'm hoping the DOT will see it's way to putting up barricades of some kind and speed bumps.

I have no more sympathy for the pedestrians who poach on the cyclists path on the other side. Either they can't or won't read or just don't give a damn. In any case, if they get run down maybe it will teach the others a lesson.

The rest of Broadway tomorrow, I am trying to sort out photos from two different weekends and scrawl down their IDs in some sort of order on a list I hope I can read when I sit down to get to it.

Broadway near Lewis Ave.

Later . . . . .

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