Sunday, May 16, 2010

Downtown -- Korean War Vets Plaza

I have to correct an oversight from the last post concerning the parks along Cadman Plaza. I hopped from Columbus Park near Borough Hall to Cadman Plaza Park near the bridge without mentioning the one in between.

Korea War Veterans Plaza looking toward Tillary Street and Cadman Plaza Park

The formal entrance to this park is at Tillary Street and if you are walking from Borough Hall you may not see it (as prominent as it is) if, like I did, you simply cross Tillary Street to continue to the World War II memorial. On Saturday when I was down there again, I happened to approach it from the other direction and saw what I hadn't sen the first time.

Tillary Street at Cadman Plaza

This quiet, tree shaded park is dedicated to the veterans of the Korean War and is known as Korean War Veterans Plaza.

Tillary Street at Cadman Plaza

Along the low wall at the park entrance is a roll of honor where are inscribed the names of the Brooklyn men who lost their lives in that war.

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