Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Younity" Building Art, Williamsburg

I was going to post something about my Saturday walk to Coney Island (one more nail in the coffin, so to speak, of my aim to walk all of the borough of Brooklyn this summer) and I even have quite a bit of it typed up for posting, but instead I want to drop in something here about “Younity.”

Younity is a Female Urban Arts Collective. I happened on them this afternoon coming back from a walk in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. When I got to Bedford Avenue and South 5th Street here in Williamsburg, I noticed a large crowd hanging around a building on the corner.

On coming closer I saw that it was a group of people using the side of the building to paint a colorful and festive mural. Half of the crowd was the women painting and the other half were intrigued passersby like me taking pictures with everything from the most sophisticated SLRs all the way down to cell phones.

One of the women explained to me who they were and pointed out women from all over the world up on ladders or sitting on steps painting.

I recommend your visiting their website

(sorry, but blogger refuses to insert a link tonight)

and perhaps even visiting

For me, I’m just hoping their building mural survives the usual Williamsburg spray-paint vandalism.

I started to take some videos of the women at work but had forgotten all my photos of the day before, and the fact that I hadn't recharged the camera battery. Sure enough, right after the end of this, the battery died.

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